drinking enough water is a requirement every human should follow

How much water do you need to stay hydrated?

Water is the lifeblood of a healthy human. No matter what diet you follow or what exercise routine you have, drinking enough water is a requirement every human should follow.
But how much water is enough water?
We’ve seen influencers on social media endorse brands selling gallons full of water bottles and supplements or energy drinks that hydrate you. But are those fancy bottles or energy drinks really necessary? Drinking is important, but do sugar-filled drinks and extra hyped products help?
Not really. Water is important but not everyone needs 4 to 5 liters of it every day. The minimum amount is 2 to 3 liters, and any more should only be opted for if you have a super active lifestyle. Otherwise, the extra water may result in being harmful to you rather than being beneficial.

The over-hyped importance of overhydration

The interpretation of extra hydration has been blown out of proportion, says Kelly Anne Hyndman, a kidney function researcher at the University of Alabama. She says that staying hydrated is important, but the idea of drinking more water to stay healthier isn’t entirely correct. Healthy diets require water, yes, but it also requires a healthier diet and routine physical activity.

So how much water should one drink?

We’ve always heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water every day. But that’s proven to be a myth as well as per Tamara Hew-Butler, an exercise and sports scientist at Wayne State University.
Your water intake depends on your weight, the temperature of your body and external environment, your breathing, and even swearing. A person hiking above hill may need more water due to the air being thin or the toll of physical activity. On the other hand, a person sitting in an air-conditioned office may need a different level of water intake. Thus, it depends on your current activities and climate.
The amount of water you drink also depends on your health. If you are a heart or kidney patient, you need a different amount of water than a healthier athletic person. That’s why following one set routine of water intake doesn’t have to be the same for everyone.
Thus, if you’re wondering how much water you should be drinking, listen to your body. The amount of water you drink should depend on whether you’re thirsty or not, and if you are undertaking hectic activity physically. Also, if you are fond of drinking fruit juices and sodas, you should obviously substitute them for water as it’s better and healthier for you. But the rule of thumb to follow is to drink when you’re thirsty, and listen to your body as it’s the best source of info you have for yourself.
And always prevent dehydration, and if you think you have symptoms or low hydration, visit your nearest 24/7 emergency center and get the medical help you need as soon as possible.

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