Maintain your new year’s health resolutions

How to manage and maintain your new year’s health resolutions

The new year is around the corner and it’s the time a lot of American adults make their resolutions, most of them being about health and body. However, unfortunately, a lot of those resolutions remain unfollowed by the time summer rolls around and are forgotten by the end of the year.
However, keeping targets for health is always a good idea, and to make them manageable, make sure to follow these three steps so you can stay on top of your resolution throughout the year.

Set specific goals

Whether it’s a weight loss resolution or a goal to control your blood pressure or quit certain kinds of foods, you need to set specific goals throughout the year to make sure they are attainable. Setting a vague goal can seem unachievable, which can lead to demotivation and the eventual demise of the resolution. So keep specific goals, like losing 10 pounds, leaving soda, or eating a healthier diet, and then expand with that once your initial goal is achieved and sustained.

Find your reason

Find out why you want to achieve the goal. Following bandwagons is well and good but it doesn’t give you a certain purpose. Knowing the reason why you’re following a resolution can give you drive and direction and help you measure your growth throughout the year.
For example, you may want to lose weight to be healthier but that isn’t reason enough. Make it your purpose to be able to do 20 pushups in one go, which can help you measure your success on a scale without being a vague mark of success.

Start small

Always start small. Success never comes overnight and your health may not improve the first day of the year. Taking our above pushup example, you need to start with one, two pushups a day to be able to reach 20 or even more by the end of the month or week. Starting small can help your body acclimate itself to a new lifestyle, which can then help you focus and follow your resolution better.
But remember, before setting health goals, always consult your doctor, and keep the checkups active even when you are working on achieving those goals. That’ll help you stay on top of your health condition without overburdening yourself.

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