Total Point Emergency Center Cardiovascular Care

Total Point ER Cardiovascular Care

24/7 Care for Your Heart Condition

Nothing is more serious than sudden chest pain. Whether you have an existing heart condition or not, you need to have signs of cardiovascular problems treated by a medical professional immediately. Total Point Emergency Center offers emergency treatment for cardiovascular issues. We provide the speedy care you need in a cardiovascular emergency. Whether you are dealing with heatstroke or tachycardia, you’ll never regret having it checked by one of our world-class physicians. Visit one of our closest ER locations today!

Cardiovascular Emergencies

There are many different cardiovascular issues that may call for emergency medical care. If you experience any symptoms of cardiovascular deregulation, such as trouble breathing, increased heart rate, or tightness in the chest, you need to seek medical attention right away. Some of the most common cardiovascular problems include heatstroke, chest pain, tachycardia, and other heart problems.


When a person’s body overheats, it causes a chain-reaction of cardiovascular problems. Heatstroke can be fatal if not properly treated. So, any signs of heatstroke should be taken very seriously. Heatstroke typically involves increased cardiac output, confusion, and even loss of consciousness. Some people with heatstroke experience excessively dry skin, while others cannot stop sweating. In severe cases, some individuals have seizures from heatstroke. Our physicians can help ensure that you remain adequately hydrated and monitor you as your body begins to cool down.

Chest Pain

Chest pain can signify some of the most serious medical emergencies. All sorts of cardiovascular problems, from silent ischemia to a heart attack, begin as a pain in your chest. Any chest pain should be treated immediately. It is always safest to be especially careful when it comes to your heart. We can immediately perform ECG, EKGs, blood tests, and imaging of your chest. This allows us to diagnose your heart problems and start treating the problem sooner.


If a person’s heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, you have entered tachycardia. Many things can cause tachycardia, including fever, too much caffeine, alcohol, and much more. Tachycardia, if not treated, can become severe enough to result in heart failure, stroke, or death. Our team can treat your tachycardia and ensure the health of your heart.

Other Cardiovascular Issues

A cardiovascular system is a complex machine made up of many different parts. Unfortunately, that means that a lot can go wrong with your heart and cardiovascular health. When you don’t know where to go in a cardiovascular emergency, our 24/7 emergency room is here to treat all your heart conditions. We regularly treat patients with:
  • Heart Attacks
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Silent Ischemia
  • Angina
  • Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs)
  • Strokes
  • Arrhythmia

Faster Care for Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiovascular issues are among the most time-sensitive medical emergencies. Total Point ER offers fast care for all cardiovascular emergencies. We can provide you with shorter wait times than hospital emergency rooms while still being able to provide you with the same level of care. Our facility can get you in to see a doctor quickly, perform testing onsite, and provide any medical intervention necessary. We are open to walk-in appointments for 24/7 ER care so that you can get emergency cardiovascular services at the moment they begin to occur.

Visit Us for Emergency Cardiovascular Care!

If you are experiencing the symptoms of a cardiovascular emergency, don’t wait for a second longer. We have a team of board-certified doctors ready to help. They can help you determine the cause, including the severity and urgency of your issue. Not all chest pains are life-threatening, but the only way to be safe is to have the issue examined by a professional. Protect your body and your future. Visit us today!
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